Ducker 2.0.1 released

Ducker 2.0.1 has been released. Several features have been added.

New Features

  • Include an interactive mode
  • Add --np, --noprompt, --json, --noua, -p, --proxy, --site, -t, --time, --colors, -C, --nocolor, -x, --exact, -c, --reg, -n, --count, -s, --start options.
  • Small code improvements

Upgrading from previous versions

If you used pip to install Ducker, you can upgrade executing pip install -U ducker.

If you got it cloning the git repository, execute git pull in the repository folder to upgrade.

If you downloaded the .zip or .tar.gz from or, just replace the old version.


Some development updates

It's great to have an interactive mode, but it's still very buggy. That's the reason why I haven't made a new release yet. The most important problem now is that Ducker doesn't support proper page navigation. I made a little hack to support it up to result 30, but I should find a better solution before the next release. Besides, I think it would be great to be able to open various search results at the same time from the interactive mode.

When I solve those issues, I'll update the documentation. Hopefully, we can publish the 2.0 release within the next two weeks and you won't find many bugs.

Other news: Ducker is now a Peers Community project. Peers Community is a community of people interested in free software and free culture. This is the same community that runs NotABug, which is where Ducker's code repository is currently hosted. I want to thank the Peers community for providing hosting to free software projects like this one and for finding some bugs in Ducker.


Interactive mode

Recently, I discovered a program called ddgr. It allows making searchs from the command line with DuckDuckGo, but it's not exactly like Ducker. It doesn't launch the search in the browser, but directly in the terminal. From there you can choose which search result you want to open with the browser.

However, that program was incomplete, not up-to-date and it contained unncesary code. I've made some contributions to make it better and I've included its functionality in Ducker. That is, Ducker has now an interactive mode that allows showing results from searches in the terminal if it's launched without parameters.

Nonetheless, there are still necessary some improvements before publishing a new release.

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